Plantados film release announced for March 2020

The feature film Plantados, dedicated to the political prisoners’ heroism who never accepted “rehabilitation” programs in Cuban prisons, will be released in March 2020, according to the announcement of its director Lilo Vilaplana.

In exclusive interview with CIberCuba, Vilaplana –who wrote the script together with writer Ángel Santiesteban– said he was highly satisfied with the acting level, which he considers “well balanced”, and which is part of a shooting that is undoubtedly successful for him.  “There was a great deal of work carried out by the specialists involved in the scenery, because we did not find a location as we needed it and we had to put up a building that reproduced what was described to us by the actual Plantados prisoners who were the protagonists of the real stories that we are now recreating,” said the director.

The presence of these men on the shooting stage encouraged the actors and each of the professionals who participated in this phase of the project, said Vilaplana, who admitted that they had “the collective feeling of having been in direct contact with history”.

The film is currently in full post-production, which will take just over eight weeks.

The filmmaker, born in Nuevitas, Camagüey province, is impressed by the reaction of so many Cubans who approach him on the streets of Miami to congratulate him and wish the project every success, which is a possibility to approach a chapter of Cuban history that has been silenced for decades by Castro’s regime.

That enthusiasm can be seen in the way the film’s promotional caps are reaching the most unthinkable places.

Once it was reported that the cap sent to screenwriter Santiesteban had been confiscated at the Havana airport customs, hundreds of Cubans from the diaspora have bought them and sent photos showing them from multiple cities. 

Vilaplana shared with CiberCuba his vision of the artist’s social responsibility. “We have had the opportunity, and the privilege, to begin an effort directed to tell events of our contemporary history of which, we have only heard the official version told by the Cuban Communist Party’s propaganda, manipulated according to its interests and full of lies; we can give a very different vision and leave a clear and dignified testimony for the future generations of Cubans,” concluded the director.