Gilberto Reyes starred in a film on Cuban political prisoners

He is starring in a film about the plantados, which is the name given to Cuban political prisoners who reject the authority of their jailers. BY CORTESÍA

In recent years Gilberto Reyes has stood out more as a presenter, but he returns to acting with a resounding project: the film Plantados, directed by the prestigious Lilo Vilaplana. The film tells the story of Cuban political prisoners who rebelled against their jailers, which led them to live in subhuman conditions. “They were incredibly courageous people”, said Gilberto, who played in Plantados with other actors such as: Carlos Cruz, Broncó Quiñongo and Frank Eguskiza. The film was shot between Miami and Puerto Rico. There is a chance it will be premiered in style, at the Cannes Film Festival in March.

“I’m super happy with the film,” says Gilberto, who also wants to work in the theatre this year, as an actor, and as a director, something he has never done before. In the photo illustrating this note, he appears playing his character “Ramón” in Plantados.