Frank Egusquiza is Lieutenant Mauricio in the film Plantados

By Luis Berrios/ Newspaper El Sol

The young Cuban actor, Frank Egusquiza is pleased with his first antagonistic role in the film Plantados. He gives life to the character of Lieutenant Mauricio.

The film directed by Cuban filmmaker Lilo Vilaplana, which recreates the harsh reality of political prisoners, the torture and hunger they are subjected to in Cuban prisons by the Castro regime, was shot last Wednesday and Thursday, December 4 and 5, at Fort San Cristobal in Old San Juan.

The film, which will be edited in Colombia, will be in theaters next year and will compete in film festivals during the month of March.

“This is the first time I play the bad guy role, I had never played this kind of roles so far and I am feeling many things as a young actor. Thanks to this character I have discovered inner evils everyone has”.

“Lieutenant Mauricio is the head of the political prisoner’s prison. He is the guy who causes all kind of physical and psychological pain to the political prisoners”, added Egusquiza.

The actor said that the scenes he has had to play, “are strong, I discovered things I did not know about Cuba and I ended up finding out when I was given the script. This castle brings back memories of El Morro and Havana, it is the best place to finish the film because these walls are imposing and will give more strength to the story”.

The young actor, who left Cuba at the age of 23, highlighted the ability of director Lilo Vilaplana.

“I always wanted to work with him because he’s a master of filmmaking and God gave me this opportunity. I did all three seasons of Legends of Exile with him. He is a friend of my mother’s before I was born and we have in common that we were born in Camaguey de Cuba”, he said. The film, shot mostly in Miami, Florida, features Roberto Escobar, Carlos Acosta, Alberto Pujol, Alejandro Gil, Javier Fano, Ricardo Becerra, José Brocco, Héctor Medina, and Gilberto Reyes Gusquiza, who studied acting in Cuba, worked on television novels, plays, and made movies, and was captivated by the island. Puerto Rico is very much like Cuba… we are the pirates of the Caribbean. Frank Egusquiza had an outstanding participation, last Saturday, at the International Festival of New Cinema in Havana, Cuba, where his film, “La Espuma de los Dias” was presented. The film was directed by Fernando Timossi.